Faced with the significant growth of electronic commerce, we realize that there is now an urgent need to innovate, communicate, apply and democratize solutions that reduce the environmental impact of our industry. As a player in this community, it’s our responsibility to ensure a sustainable future for e-commerce.

This is why we want to approach e-commerce differently. Each project and each decision is based on the three Ps of sustainable development.


We’ve made a habit of taking care of people. Beginning with our people. Our partners. Our clients. Even people we don’t know. Whether it’s lending a helping hand to a colleague in need, helping our clients thrive in tough times, or donating to local charities, Axial is deeply empathetic.


We are nothing without Mother Nature. Axial continuously adopts policies to improve our planet, such as offsetting our carbon footprint, composting, and getting environmental experts to train our team.


In order to have the means for our social and ecological ambitions, Axial must make a profit. These, combined with sound financial management, help us build beneficial relationships with our clients, invest in our people and give back to our community.

Making a difference should happen 365 days a year. This is not a marketing campaign to compel us to do this sporadically, but  genuine dedication to doing better. It is a long-term commitment for us and for future generations.

Being greener every day.

On average, changing a habit takes 66 days—just over 2 months to benefit from a healthier daily life. Axial has taken up the challenge of creating greener and healthier daily lives for its partners and employees. It starts with small gestures, such as encouraging composting at work, and it continues with massive investments in carbon offsets for our business activities. We thus wish to affect the daily lives of the people around us, and to set an example (which is also healthy, economically-speaking!) for other companies who are interested in doing.

Panneaux solaires

Improving e-commerce and its footprint.

Our e-commerce practices must ensure the sustainability of local businesses. A healthy economy is a sustainable economy. That’s why we turned to greener e-commerce solutions. From hosting our sites at solar panel farms to how we package the products from our sites, Axial wants to do whatever it can for greener e-commerce.

Taking care of our own.

We believe in our power to be able to create an enjoyable present while improving the future and building things for the planet’s sustainability. Taking care of our own means taking care of our team, but also taking care of the people around us and future generations. Happiness has been at the heart of Axial’s mission from the very beginning. We therefore wish to offer the best to our team and our partners in order to work in happiness and enjoyment.

Small or large; all actions matter.

5 floater days per year so you can enjoy life
Office cleaning performed by local green enterprise, Épinette www.epinette.eco
Yearly compensation for greenhouse gases (X tons, on average)
Use of Amazon servers in solar parks
Use of reusable or compostable dishes during our team activities
Creation of a running club
Installation of an exercise room for employees
Give corporate gifts that have a positive impact on the environment and the community
Encourage learning through Lunch & Learns and paid training

Laixa - The sustainable e-commerce voice

Faced with the staggering growth of e-commerce, Axial Development realizes—now more than ever before—the need to innovate, share know-how, apply and democratize solutions that will minimize the impact of our industry.

Sustainable development


As a stakeholder in the e-commerce sector, it is our responsibility to ensure a better future for upcoming generations. And we believe e-commerce practices can be more sustainable.

Thanks to this vision, Axial is proud to launch Laixa, our new blog on sustainable e-commerce. We wanted to create a platform that highlighted the innovations of organizations and individuals in our communities and elsewhere. Our ultimate goal? To help other companies initiate or further develop their sustainable e-commerce practices.

Laixa will feature articles that paint a portrait of the impacts of online sales on the environment and society, showcase new trends in green e-commerce, and provide solutions adapted to the reality of businesses that sell on the web. We’ll also present companies that leverage the power of e-commerce—all while ensuring that their operations are sustainable, employees are healthy and happy, and their bottom lines are substantial enough to reinvest for the sake of people and the planet.


Raise awareness. Inspire. Mobilize.

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